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Avanti derives from the Italian word meaning „being ahead”. At Avanti Leather we have incorporated this approach into our company’s DNA and integrated it into every aspect of our business, Everything we do is connected to the Sustainability context. From projects to improve our environmental impact social sustainability supporting local communities all the way to the quality longevity of our articles in order to avoid being part of fast fashion. Made to is what makes leather such a unique and beautiful material, and our passion adhere to it helps us to deliver high-quality articles that can tell a story.

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hand tooled leather

Avanti Leathers,

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As India’s top exporter of ovine leather articles, we have a strong commitment to quality and sustainability, We see nature as a role model and innovation as a guide, as both are the pillars of our business strategy. We strongly believe that a company can only be successful if there is a balance between the economy, environment, and people. Therefore we combine our knowledge of one of the oldest industries in the world with state-of-the-art technologies and processes, in order to become a benchmark within the industry for sustainable and high-quality production.



At Avanti Group we are proud of our unique process flow and in-house patented technologies!

We continuously strive for Improvement and the best sustainable processes and technologies on the market. Read more about how we convert metals and salts, used in leather making, to organic matter such as organic fertilizer.

Further, you can explore how we take care of important topics such as:

hand tooled leather

Avanti / Prara

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Our excellent team of Product Researchers and Development Department tracks the market demands, client needs, the Italian latest trends in design, etc. Accordingly, the products are customized to the demand and needs at that point.

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With world-class technology, we take pride in being the No. 1 finished leather exporter of India with the most ecological, environmental, and sustainable leather-making factory. Our production capacity is 3.0 Million Square feet per Month

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Avanti is 100 acres of land with 30,000 square meters built area amidst the mountain and forest giving our clients world-class products and rendering to the demands and needs keeping in mind top-quality high fashion, Environment friendly, and sustainable finished leather

Behind the Scenes

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leather manufacturers

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