Varuna Keerthi mathe lakshmin
swaasthya maayushcha vindhathi
brahme muhurthe sangra chiyamvaa pankacham ya thaa

(Meaning on Mantra )

Avanti Leathers,A Nature‘s favourite brand

As India’s top exporter of ovine leather articles, we have a strong commitment to quality and sustainability, We see nature as a role model and innovation as a guide, as both are the pillars of our business strategy. We strongly believe that a company can only be successful if there is a balance between the economy, environment, and people. Therefore we combine our knowledge of one of the oldest industries in the world with state-of-the-art technologies and processes, in order to become a benchmark within the industry for sustainable and high-quality production.

This is visible in every part of the facility as well as in every step of our processes. Entering the more than 100 acres of Avanti property, you would foremostly see trees, bushes, a street that lends to the facility – and here and there some monkeys that could cross our path on the way to the main building. We have planted over 150,000 different trees that provide fresh air, ripe and tasty fruits, and shadow for hot days, Within the facility, you can also find natural water resources like streams and small lakes that come from the mountains close by.

As pictures say more than words, we invite you to watch this short clip that takes you around our facility. Throughout this website, you may find similar clips that should help you understand our philosophy and vision.

At Avanti we aim for the most sustainable leather-making process possible – based on the three pillars of sustainability, Not only do we implement state-of-the-art technologies, but we also have our own innovations such as a unique sludge recovery method, a TDS reduction technology, and tanning methods that reduce the overall impact of our articles (so section „, Our Loather* for more information)

As this is just a short introduction we want to invite you to read more about our innovations and implementations within our Sustainability section.

leather production industry
leather production industry

Our Vision

To be the top-quality producer of high fashion, Environment friendly, and sustainable finished leather from our World-class manufacturing facilities. We will continue to be a value creator to our customers Worldwide and also to globally set the trend in being the No 1 Fashion Finished leather producers in small skins and Value creators in Buff to global supply by 2025.

Our Mission

“ To be a responsible value creator for all our stakeholders”

To be the most sustainable and reliable partners of the Fashion Leather Industry taking the Environment as a major factor. Lead developers and Front Runners in Eco Friendly and Biodegradable leathers with our responsibility to Environment, and Catering to Premium brands and consumers is a milestone in our business that delivers value through integrity in Business and Excellence in products and services.


We take pride in being the  No. 1 finished leather exporter of India with the most ecological, environmental, and sustainable leather-making factory. It has always been thought of as Bio-logically and Eco-logically. (Mountain overview and Forest Areas & waterfalls, water flow). Our production capacity is 3.0 Million Square feet per Month. Our product lines are Goat, sheep, and Buff.

So, the rawhides of animals are obtained from Africa/ Australia/ Norway and France and the production begins at Avanti Group by converting the rawhides of animals to the required state after various stages of the beam house process.

Rawhides are converted to Wetblue/ pickle which is based on the needs of the market.

leather craftsman near me
leather production industry
  • The material is indented as per the purchase order from the clients. The Wet blue/ Pickle are inspected and segregated as per product needs and been issued according to indent.
  • Wet blue or Pickle are first shaved and then taken to drum where it is made so softer and tender with its color in origin.
  • Our excellent Product Research and Development Department track the market demands, client needs, Italian latest trends in design, etc. Accordingly, the products are customized to the demand and needs at that point.
  • The well focussed capacity of small and medium drums is allocated for research and samplings to check on recent developments that are highly sustainable and biodegradable leathers to go Eco friendly
  • Then the leather undergoes various mechanical operations like a setting, vacuum, and hook to dry and goes on with crusting operations like staking, toggling, buffing, and dry milling or tumbling.
  • Advanced technology machines with trained human intervention for monitoring and at reaching the crust stage, the quality checks are also done by the professionals.
  • Once the crust is ready, it passes to finishing where we make sure the leather matches even with finer requirements from clients like color, hand feel, surface touch, temper, etc.
  • The final finished product is rechecked by our Efficient and professional Internal Quality Control team to ensure that a manufactured product adheres to a defined set of quality criteria.
leather production industry
leather production industry
  • Our expert Senior Team do a check as well at regular intervals as a part of their involvement in the process.
  • The Standard Operating Procedures are laid by the technical team keeping in mind that every procedure goes with minimal waste and the wastes are measured accurately through processes at various stages.
  • Samples of production are taken with the utmost diligence by a separate crew and are packed as per customer needs and finally dispatched.
  • The deliveries are monitored and evaluated by a well-organized ERP system and delivered to the respective clienteles


Avanti Group is very unique in every process they undergo and highly conscious in converting all metals and salts to pure organic matter systematically. Some of our sustainable measures to take care of our environment are here

  • Rejected RO water is evaporated to dryness through a multiple-effect evaporator.
  • The shaving and trimming waste from leather processing are being collected on a daily basis ( around 500 kgs/ kgs ) . The conversion of shaving and trimming waste in to a natural protein filler takes place in our protein plant which has a capacity of 10,000 Litres with a special process. This natural protein fillers are used back for leather processing and production.
  • The solid waste or sludge coming from the primary clarifier filter press is separated and isolated in a secured land space and kept for complete drying. Once dried, they are converted into powder by grinding machine and it is taken through an exclusive process with earthworms and then it is converted into a Final BIOMANURE. Our environmental engineers are working on this and we are in the progress of getting PATENT on this Bio manure.
  • The test report of the filter press sludge and the final bio manure are shown here as to how we have minimized the total mineral in the soil. This soil can be freely used for farming and we have planted around 50,000 trees with this bio manure in Avanti premises till now.
  • From solar water heater we convert and make around 200,000 liters of hot water a day which is used for leather processing in drum and for finishing process. The hot water required for the tannery are fulfilled without burning the fossil fuel and wood.
  • We have also a 1.5 Megawatt of the solar power plant which converts solar energy into green energy. They can accommodate 50% of the electricity for the total plant from this solar power plant.
  • Water Conservation ponds : At our premises, we have many places where we save the land source water and rainwater, and the same are used for internal purposes in a systematic way.
  • Water conservation is effectively carried out through Rain Water harvesting and the storage ponds are well maintained by a professional crew which will also upscale the ground water level.

Human Cycle & Leather Cycle

Human beings have several stages in life right from birth till it reaches the state of decomposition and goes back to nature. Similarly, Primitive men hunted wild animals which have a by-product of skin that passes through several stages to reach its end finish as leather for the use of living beings and finally goes back to nature like any other living being as biodegradable.

Solid waste and liquid waste are carefully processed and emanated without harming nature. As Avanti is with 100 acres of land with 30,000 square meters of built area amidst the mountain and forest We planted around 150,000 trees inside our premises.

Through this initiative, We are trying to give a nature-based solution and be a part of climate change and obtain a Carbon Credit certification which is an initiative of the United Nations Organization. The plantation includes a variety of trees like mangoes, watermelon, guava, and plantations like Moringa, etc. Which vary from season to season.

royal leather
leather industry

Our Seasonal harvests are here….

  • Watermelon from Feb – April
  • Mangos from April – June
  • Guavas from – July- Oct
  • Moringa from Nov – Jan

And other vegetables throughout the year. Avanti Group is proud of its benevolence towards nature through its systematic approach. Having known well about What a Factory or Industry can benefit from Nature, Avanti group remains a responsible borrower and pays its returns back well.

We explicit responsibility and generosity towards nature in everything We do.

 “ Choose only one master “Nature”