EnvironmentalSustainabilityat Avanti Leathers

Sustainability at Avanti is the motor of our curiosity to go .beyond the expected and be one-stop ahead – to be AVANTI

We take responsibility for the impact the sourcing and processing of our production have on the environment and the people and focus on mitigating it through our double materiality approach.

  • Reduce
  • Reuse
  • Recycle
  • Rethink

At Avanti, we aim for the most sustainable leather-making process possible – based on the three pillars of sustainability. Not only do we implement state-of-the-art technologies, but we also have our own innovations such as a unique sludge recovery method, and a TDS reduction. Technology and tanning methods reduce the overall impact of our articles.

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The Four Pillars of Avanti that we follow as our principle

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A vision of Avanti is the elimination of singles-use plastics in production and everyday business. Therefore we provide free fresh water supply to all our employees in various locations, reducing the usage of plastic bottles. In packaging, we are not yet plastic-free, but we have a strict minimization strategy that includes to reuse the existing packaging as often as possible. A future objective of ours is the complete elimination of plastic at Avanti Leathers.
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Reuse of wastewater through our special ETP
Reuse of chemical sludge as bio-fertilizer (in-house patent)
Reuse of shaving dust as natural fillers
Reuse of plastic packaging where it is not yet eliminated
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Every tiny bit of nature is precious so we take it seriously and use it to what ever we can!

The shaving and trimming waste from leather processing is being collected on a daily basis ( around 500kgs / per day) and converted into a natural protein filler. This takes place.. / These fillers are up-cycled waste material used in the leather making process which reduced the environmental impact by around 90%.
protein filler takes place in our protein plant which has a capacity of 10,000 litres with a special process. This natural protein fillers are used back for leather processing and production. Another revolutionary process is using earthworms that is converted into a Final BIOMANURE.
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Our small hand back to our mother nature
We strongly believe in nature-based solutions and therefore in their importance. Therefore we have planted over 150.000 trees on our premises in the last three years. All of those trees are not only providing us with fresh air, ripe and tasty fruits, and shade. Studies have shown that trees and other plants help to reduce the temperature through shade and evapotranspiration, creating a better working environment.


Avanti Leathers is committed to protecting the environment.

  • Strive to prevent, eliminate, and reduce waste and pollution by improving operations and recycling/ reusing of material wherever possible.
  • Conserve natural resources and strive to reduce material and energy consumption.
  • Comply with all applicable legal and other requirements.
  • Eliminate and minimize the impact of our work activities and products on the environment while maximizing the use of recyclable energy sources to promote sustainable development.
  • Establish a Management System to measure and monitor operational activities with significant environmental impact to continual improvement of our EMS performance.
  • Protect, preserve and enhance the natural environment of the campus.
  • Promote active participation from the company in exemplary environmental activities to minimize waste, prevent pollution and use resources efficiently.
  • Encourage the staff to be proactive in maintaining and improving environmental performance.
  • Provide necessary resources for activities that help increase environmental awareness, environmental improvement, resource protection, and sustainability practices.
  • The environment policy shall be communicated to all employees and made available to all interested parties