ONE STEP AHEAD – this is how we keep an eye on new technologies and the latest trends in leather production. The market is moving fast, but we are faster. We are leaders in the industry using in-house patented technologies and certified sustainable processes.

Our product development team works closely with international brands and fashion houses to understand market needs and developments, offering our clients exactly what they request.

Throughout the entire production process, we have implemented a series of procedures, technologies and products that have all been analyzed in our testing lab. They have been certified according to international standards.

If you are looking for sustainably produced leather from production all the way to tanning agents – we are the best address! Have you seen our newest trending tanning agents?

Eco Friendly

Chrome and metal free leathers considering all sustainability parameters of leather production. We reduce water consumption and TDS by 40%.

Bio Degradable

Synthetic tannage that stabilizes the collagen to ensure a long product life. Simultaneously the articles are kept natural to ensure biodegradability if required.

Olive Tannage

Pure veg tannage from Mediterranean olive trees providing high quality, biodegradable leather that is skin friendly, free from heavy metals and save to work with.

Lite Leathers

Lite leathers provide multiple advantages such as lower water and chemical intake, as well as an improved comfort through the reduced weight.

Learn also more about our sustainable processing by reading our Sustainability  Report.