Managing Director -Mr. Vasudeva Rao Dhankula

A warm welcome and thank you for your interest in our website and our mission!

I started this journey together with my team in 2013, and later, in 2017, our Sustainability project came to life. The tanning industry is already moving very fast in the direction of more sustainable tanning.

However, I was dreaming of something bigger. The vision of a disruptive sustainability approach has led us to a holistic three-pillar model where nature, people, and the economy not only co-exist but are in balance. Every day, I and my team are challenging the status quo to go beyond the ordinary, offering our clients not only high-quality articles but also the consciousness of having made the right choice.

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CEO -Mr. O. K. Kaul

As CEO of Avanti, I share the belief of our Managing Director that environment and people are the single most important things we should care about. Avanti stands for the empowerment of employees and high-quality leather, produced with vigilance and the most sustainable technologies. Your choice to use our leather gives us the power to continue our work, to provide our employees with the best training, to continue our search for the most ecological processes, and to offer you a leather that can tell a story.

On this website, we want to offer a glimpse into our world, our mission, and our philosophy.
However, we are more than happy to invite you as our guests to see the change we are aiming for and wish you a good read through our website and our newest Sustainability Report.

Marketing & Sales Director -Mr. Ravi Shankar

These challenging times call for innovative measures to cope with communication challenges with clients.

As the Director of Marketing and Sales at Avanti Prara, I see myself as the bridge between our customers and the production team. Internally, we constantly exchange current market needs and trends, provided by the Italian and French designers we are working with. Externally, I am in continuous contact with our clients, who provide information on their needs and wishes. We excel at satisfying any request through R&D and feedback from our Customer Service Team. Sustainability, technical products, and the highest quality are the keys to our success.

I am happy to assist you with any request and look forward to our exchange.  Get in touch with me!

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Mr. Vengal Reddy

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Mr. Rakesh Kumar

Production Manager

I am the production manager of Avanti Prara and I am, let’s say, the conductor of the orchestra. My role is to make sure our employees have everything they need to make a good job, the person that keeps production running. This sounds very simple, but in reality, I have several roles: professional listener and complaint box, shoulder to rely on, communicator, organizer, and last but not least I manage production.

Your order will be handled with care and personally reviewed by me and my team to ensure the highest standards in quality and on-time delivery.

Sustainability Manager

I am Sai Krishna  Avula the sustainability Manager of Avanti Prara. In a company where sustainability is the foundation of everything, my role is to integrate the newest findings and strategies into the daily business. This means we are not working on a project basis, but are constantly connecting all our business units through our sustainability achievements.

I am more than happy to schedule an introductory call with you to talk about our upcoming projects, our sustainability commitments, and your plans and missions to make your own company more sustainable. In my view to achieve the set targets, we can’t stand alone, only through a constant exchange, we can grow.

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Mr. Sai Krishna Avula

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Customer Service Head

Mrs. Anjuman

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Administrative & System Manager

Mr. Narla Leela Krishna

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Human Resource – Head

Mrs. Manjula R

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Finance Head

Mr. A Saju Menon

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Success is better when it comes from your team. It is our brilliant team that brings the Avanti vision to life.

The real key to our success is the excellence of our employees who are dally doing their best to satisfy the high expectations of our clients regarding our product quality. We are committed to supporting the local community, which is why most of our staff is from the near surroundings. We highly value the input of all our employees. Our vision is to enable everybody freedom and independence of choice, which is why we help young, local women by training them on-site to become experienced and knowledgeable in the various fields of leather making, Experts in this field give their inputs in rendering the best production outcome for Avanti and working as a team to give the finest products to our clientele

Every person is crucial for our success and the satisfaction of our clients. We meticulously screen the market for new developments and technologies, look out for the newest trend in design and listen carefully to the demands and needs of our clients, this is the recipe to be an industry leader.

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