Avanti derives from the Italian word meaning „being ahead”. At Avanti Leather we have incorporated this approach into our company’s DNA and integrated it into every aspect of our business, Everything we do is connected to the Sustainability context. From projects to improve our environmental impact social sustainability supporting local communities all the way to the quality longevity of our articles in order to avoid being part of fast fashion. Made to is what makes leather such a unique and beautiful material, and our passion adhere to it helps us to deliver high-quality articles that can tell a story.

Our efforts have been acknowledged by the prestigious Leather Working G with a gold certificate.

Building on our commitment to responsible sourcing and processing, We are proud to share in our first Sustainability Report all our past production Implementations. Feel free to download it and let us guide you through the journey toward sustainability and best practices.

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Our Values

We at Avanti don’t only want to meet our clients requirements, but rather exceed their expectation by offering the most environmentally and socially conscious finished articles possible
Our core values are:
  • Environmental and Social Sustainability
  • Market-leading technologies
  • Transparency along the value chain
  • Open Communication

Our Assets

We are committed to making the world a better place to live in. Through our membership at the prestigious Leather Working Group.
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Avanti group strives for a holistic client experience by offering excellent finished
products, the most sustainable processes and technologies, and a strong commitment to our international clientele. Avanti leathers are not just articles, they are representatives of
a lifestyle, a conscious choice, and a mission and your brand can be part of it.
Let’s be one step ahead together – let’s be AVANTI!

Currently, 40% of our line is with Chrome-free, metal-free, and biodegradable leathers. The post-production chrome is transformed into bio-manure through patented and certified processes using 7 earth-wormes.

Our major clients are from the United States, Europe, Africa, Asian countries like India /China/ Vietnam/ Indonesia / Cambodia/Myanmar, and Bangladesh.

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